Situated Case-Based Knowledge: An Emerging Framework for Prospective Teacher Learning

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Instruction in Teacher Training
Oct. 20, 2008

“This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol 24, Hyeonjin Kim and Michael J. Hannafin, "Situated case-based knowledge: An emerging framework for prospective teacher learning", Pages 1837-1845 , Copyright Elsevier (October 2008)”

While the use of situated cognition theory in teacher education programs has the potential to teach prospective teachers, research on teacher knowledge and learning from a situated perspective has been slow to emerge in reference to prospective teacher education.
In this article, the authors present a situated case-based knowledge framework to explain the development of prospective teachers’ knowledge and beliefs. The framework includes conceptual case knowledge, strategic case knowledge, and the shared identities and beliefs of practicing teachers. In addition, the authors summarize findings from a study wherein the situated case-based knowledge framework was applied to support prospective teachers’ learning.
They also discuss implications for research and practice.

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