Missing Pages? A Study of Textbooks for Dutch Early Childhood Teacher Education

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Apr. 20, 2010

This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. number 26, Issue 3, Author(s): Ruben G. Fukkink, “Missing Pages? A Study of Textbooks for Dutch Early Childhood Teacher Education“, Pages 371-376, Copyright Elsevier (April 2010)

A content analysis of the textbooks used in the Dutch early childhood teacher education shows clear inconsistencies with the intended curriculum. Neither the content standards found in the professional profile for teachers nor the content standards from the educational profile of their training courses are adequately covered in the books.

Whilst they pay considerable attention to the teacher's educational duties, other tasks outside the primary work process are either dealt with in much less detail or ignored altogether, including the need for strategic planning, for reflection and evaluation, for the development of educational policy, and for co-operation and liaison with colleagues from other disciplines.

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