Stability in Motivation during Teacher Education

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Theories & Approaches
Mar. 30, 2010

Source: Journal of Education for Teaching International research and pedagogy, Volume 36 Issue 2 (2010). p. 169 – 185.

This study is the second from a longitudinal project examining students' motivation for teaching. The first study examined those entering the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course at four universities in Norway.

This study examines motivation among the same cohort of students at the end of the course, and reports on their experiences with teacher education in relation to motivation.

The results indicate stability in motivation among the prospective teachers.
Moreover, the PGCE course fulfils the students' expectations in various degrees. The students express satisfaction with the practical teaching experience but are more critical towards the lack of coherence in the course work.

Not knowing if they want to become teachers, 24% of the students are ambivalent about teaching. They have taken the PGCE course primarily for the sake of having multiple options in the job market; this motive is an emerging trend that requires further examination.

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