Pre-service Teachers’ Episodic Memories of Classroom Management

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Preservice Teachers
Feb. 15, 2011

This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol 27 number 2,
Author(s): Sandra J. Balli, " Pre-service Teachers’ Episodic Memories of Classroom Management", Pages 245-251, Copyright Elsevier (February 2011).

The purpose of the study was to examine how pre-service teachers’ memories reflect classroom management models that are typically taught in teacher education coursework prior to their study of those models.
Furthermore, the study explored memories that did not fit a particular model.

148 pre-service teachers wrote episodic narratives about a past teacher.
Narratives were examined for prior knowledge and beliefs about classroom management that may or may not link to classroom management models typically taught in teacher education coursework.

Results indicated that pre-service teachers related episodes that clustered on establishing rules, but were less likely to relate experiences based on other strategies such as withitness, smooth transitions, or formal classroom meetings.

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