Pre-service Teachers’ Goals and Future-Time Extension, Concerns, and Well-Being

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Preservice Teachers
Apr. 10, 2011

This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol 27 number 3,
Author(s): Hazel Hagger, Lars-Erik Malmberg , Pre-service Teachers’ Goals and Future-Time Extension, Concerns, and Well-Being", Pages 598-608, Copyright Elsevier (April 2011).

A general theoretical frame on human actions was adapted to describe teacher’s teaching related goals, concerns and future-time extension, expanding previous studies only on of teachers concerns, or on their goals and concerns.

Eighty-eight pre-service teachers reported ideographic professionally-related goals and concerns, future-time extension of the goals, and well-being (self-esteem and depression).

Thirteen goal and fifteen concern categories were identified.
Goals were related to concerns in six content domains demonstrating the utility of investigating both. Goals and concerns were to some extent related to well-being.
However, when the goals were ordered in a perceived future time-sequence these did not reflect discrete developmental stages of teachers.

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