A European Space for Education Looking for Its Public

From Section:
Trends in Teacher Education
Nov. 15, 2010

Source: European Educational Research Journal, Volume 9 Number 4 2010, pages 432‑443

In this article, the authors discusses the open method of coordination (OMC) within the Lisbon strategy in terms of a European Space for Education and ‘programme ontology’.

The focus is on indicators and the European dimension, and how they ‘work’ in the forming of contents and identities in this European Space for Education.

The OMC is analyzed in relation to Nancy Fraser’s theoretical public-sphere approach of discourses about needs, instead of inquiry from needs.

Central to the article is the problematization of the shift from national theories and methodologies to theories that might be better suited to an international European educational arena. Hence, the author discusses the public-sphere theory from the point of view of globalization and within a transnational frame for education.

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