What Is Meant by Argumentative Competence? An Integrative Review of Methods of Analysis and Assessment in Education

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Theories & Approaches
Dec. 01, 2013

Source: Review of Educational Research, 83(4), December 2013, 483-520

In this article, the authors conducted an integrative literature review focusing on the methods of argument analysis and assessment that have been proposed thus far in the field of education.
Specifically, they constructed an interpretative framework to organize the information contained in 97 reviewed studies in a coherent and meaningful way.

The main result of the framework’s application is the emergence of three levels of argumentative competence: metacognitive, metastrategic, and epistemological competence.
The authors consider this result the beginning of further research on the psycho-pedagogical nature of argument skills and their manifestation as competent performance.

Updated: Nov. 13, 2018
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