It Takes Courage: Fostering the Development of Critical, Social Justice-Oriented Teachers Using Museum and Project-Based Instruction

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Instruction in Teacher Training
Mar. 01, 2015

Source:  Action in Teacher Education, Volume 37, Issue 1, 2015, pages 9-22

This article describes development of an educational setting which fosters critical, social justice practices of teachers.
Through course readings, museum visits, focus group discussions, and reflections on clinical observation experiences, preservice teachers developed a fictitious educational setting (Courage High School) that incorporates critical, social justice practices and privileges the experiences and cultural backgrounds of all K-12 students.

Participants presented a model for this school and how it would benefit specific student needs.
The authors developed recommendations for how future educators problematized ideas of courage, race, and diversity in developing Courage High School. They suggest that using museums as experiential pedagogical tools and offering authentic learning opportunities can encourage a critical, social justice orientation to teaching and may inspire future teachers to enact courage in their teaching practice.

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