Applying the Design Framework to Technology Professional Development

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Instruction in Teacher Training
Jul. 01, 2013

Source: Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, Volume 29, Issue 3, 2013, pages 89-96.

This study examined the practices of a technology-focused learning community at a high school in the United States.

Over the course of a school year, classroom teachers and a university-based researcher participated in the learning community to investigate how technology can promote student achievement and engagement within the secondary English curriculum. This analysis used the design frame-work to identify key practices within the learning community, which included writing a mission statement, innovating with digital tools, engaging in critical discussion, and examining student work.

Findings suggest that the design framework can offer a common discourse and visual representation to guide the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional development.

Updated: Nov. 22, 2019
Academic achievement | Community of practice | Teacher collaboration | Technology integration | University - school collaboration