Initiating Education Reform through Lesson Study at a University in Indonesia

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Instruction in Teacher Training
Sep. 20, 2008

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 16, Issue 3 September 2008 , pages 391 - 406

This article analyses the issues involved in promoting lesson study in an Indonesian university, based on a case study of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMIPA) of the State University of Yogyakarta.

Five points are discussed.
First, conducting lesson study with schools revealed that the faculty managers noticed the ignorance about lesson study in FMIPA and decided to conduct lesson study by themselves to learn more.

Second, despite using a didactic teaching approach initially, more faculty members began using group work in their lessons.

Third, despite the emphasis on the importance of observing students' learning realities, most faculty members focused on teaching methodology.

Fourth, in terms of reflection, they could be classified as evaluation-minded in order to be critical about the observed lessons, and learning-minded to appreciate the observed lessons.

Fifth, the strong involvement of managers is necessary to develop lesson study as a daily teaching and learning practice.

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