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April 11, 2010 International Portal of Teacher Education
April 2010
Featured Items
Writing as a Journey of Professional Development for Teacher Educators
The aim of this study was to explore the teacher educators' experience in writing a book. Eighteen experienced teacher educators, who completed their respective books, were interviewed individually or participated in a focus group discussion. The findings reveal that although the teacher educators had different motivations for writing and took various paths in their writing, they all view this experience as contributing to them cognitively, emotionally and in practice; teaching nourished their writing but was also influenced by and improved as a result of the writing. The authors suggest providing teacher educators with a supportive infrastructure - budgetary, editorial and managerial - in order to encourage them to write and publish.
Professional Development of Novice Teacher Educators: Professional Self, Interpersonal Relations and Teaching Skills
The article presents the main domains that reinforced novice teacher educators, as evidenced by their feedback regarding a one-year program implemented at an Israeli intercollegiate professional centre. The main argument posits that since the teacher educator plays a key role in the foundation of the teacher education profession, he/she must be an expert in the field. The study of the advantages and outcomes of a unique model of learning while working contributes to the definition of the requisite channels for the teacher educator’s effective induction and skilled specialisation.
Back to the Future: How and Why to Revive the Teachers College Tradition
In this article, the author argues for a reconsideration of the teachers college tradition within teacher ed curriculum. The author’s thesis is that we must return to the teachers college tradition if we expect to flourish as a real profession and contribute to the civic health of our nation. The author will make three points to explain the teachers college tradition. 1) We need a different and better understanding of our past. 2) The future of the teaching profession depends on our repairing our moral foundations. 3) The author wants to demonstrate how the revival of the teaching profession depends on the individual acts we take on our home campuses and within our local communities.
Teacher Education and the American Future
In this article, the author discusses the U.S. context for teacher education, the power of teacher preparation for transforming teaching and learning, and the current challenges for this enterprise in the United States. The author believes the central issue that teacher education must confront is how to foster learning about and from practice in practice. The author concludes that teacher education system in the United States the possibility of dramatically reforming teacher education and development. However, schools of education must hold themselves to a higher standard. Furthermore, teacher educators must be prepared to create partnerships with schools in their communities.
Educators of Educators: Their Goals, Perceptions and Practices
This study aims at understanding teacher educators' professional development (TEPD) from the unique perspective of a group of educators who are regularly involved in planning, managing and implementing varied professional development programs for teacher educators, at the MOFET Institute in Israel. Working theories were derived from the participants' statements as to the preferable course of TEPD. These evolved around three mental images of the professionally well-developed teacher educator: the model pedagogue; the reflective, self-studying practitioner; and the developer of professional identities. These three working theories were followed by a fourth one relating to TEPD from the teacher educators' own point of view.
Lost and Found in Transition: The Professional Journey of Teacher Educators
This article considers the professional development of 75 primary and secondary teachers in Melbourne, who had been charged with the responsibility of leading the professional learning of their colleagues in their schools. To support these leaders in their roles, the Victorian state government’s Department of Education applied to the Pedagogy and Professional Learning Research Group at Monash University to develop and implement an appropriate Professional Learning program. The participants in the program reflected on their learning through the formalised process of case writing. The article offers insights into the journey of these educators of teachers as they have developed deeper understandings of what it means to be a teacher educator.
April 2010
All Recent Items
Professional Development
Writing as a Journey of Professional Development for Teacher Educators
Becoming A University Lecturer in Teacher Education: Expert School Teachers Reconstructing their Pedagogy and Identity
Developing Pedagogical Practice and Professional Identities of Beginning Teacher Educators
Professional Development of Novice Teacher Educators: Professional Self, Interpersonal Relations and Teaching Skills
Constructing New Professional Identities through Self-Study: From Teacher to Teacher Educator
Discussing Pedagogical Dilemmas with Teacher Educators: Facilitating their Professional Development
Teacher Educators: Their Identities, Sub-Identities and Implications for Professional Development
‘I Can Only Learn in Dialogue!’ Exploring Professional Identities in Teacher Education
Supporting Professional Learning through Teacher Educator Enquiries: An Ethnographic Insight into Developing Understandings and Changing Identities
Towards A New Language of Scholarship in Teacher Educators’ Professional Learning?
'It's All About Paying Attention!' … But to What? The '6 Ms' of Mentoring the Professional Learning of Teacher Educators
Transformative Learning-Based Mentoring for Professional Development of Teacher Educators in Information and Communication Technologies: An Approach for an Emerging Country
‘Without Stones There Is No Arch’: A Study of Professional Development of Teacher Educators as a Team
Collaborative Writing and Dis-Continuing Professional Development: Challenging the Rituals and Rules of the Education Game?
Reflective Teaching as Self-Directed Professional Development: Building Practical or Work-related Knowledge

Mentoring & Supervision

Developing A Research Profile: Mentoring and Support for Teacher Educators

Teacher Educators

Educators of Educators: Their Goals, Perceptions and Practices
Lost and Found in Transition: The Professional Journey of Teacher Educators
A Teacher Educator's Professional Learning Journey and Border Pedagogy: A Meta-Analysis of Five Research Projects

TE Programs

Culture, Craft, & Coherence: The Unexpected Vitality of Montessori Teacher Training
Pathways to Critical Consciousness: A First-Year Teacher’s Engagement With Issues of Race and Equity
Teacher Education and the American Future
Teach for America and Teacher Ed: Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

Beginning Teachers

The Induction and Needs of Beginning Teacher Educators

TE - General Trends

Back to the Future: How and Why to Revive the Teachers College Tradition
Revitalizing Teacher Education by Revisiting Our Assumptions About Teaching
“Re-Culturing” Teacher Education: Inquiry,Evidence, and Action
A Pluralistic Approach to the Revitalization of Teacher Education
Teacher Education for the Schools We Need
The Work of Teaching and the Challenge for Teacher Education
Grounded: Practicing What We Preach
Against Boldness
Learning Teaching in, from, and for Practice: What Do We Mean?
April 2010
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