Apr. 26, 2021
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On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, we invite you to participate in the webinar "Cognitive, Neuroscientific and Educational Perspectives on First and Second Language and Reading Acquisition".

The webinar is given as part of a joint grant from the NSF-BSF for studying the effect of the first language on the neural mechanisms underlying learning of a second language and will be composed of three presentations:

  • The development of a Hebrew reading brain: Coping with missing vowels and a rich morphology (by Prof. Tali Bitan):
  • Differences between languages in the brain basis of reading acquisition: English vs. Chinese (by Prof. James R. Booth);
  • What research can teach us about teaching second language vocabulary (a practical workshop by Dr. Vedran Dronjic)

As usual registration is free of charge, click here for details.


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