Challenging Experiences Faced by Beginning Casual Teachers: Here One Day and Gone the Next!

Feb. 24, 2009

Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, Volume 37, Issue 1 February 2009 , pages 63 - 78.

The Educational Alumni Support Project (EdASP) indicated that there is an urgent need for the teaching profession to support casual beginning teachers (CBTs). The EdASP that was carried out at the University of New England provided online support for primary and secondary beginning teachers. However, the majority of postings were submitted by CBTs. In general, these casual teachers experienced feelings of alienation, culture shock, a lack of school and systemic support, and are often not considered part of the school community by staff or students.

The analysis of postings by CBTs provides further insight into the difficulties they face, as well as reveals or reinforces strategies that could effectively facilitate their teaching. Many of these findings are not new, yet the call to aid casuals continues to be overlooked. This need for support is both professional and pragmatic.
Ethically, education - a nurturing profession - should support its novices.
In addition, the transition period from pre-service to professional teacher has significant implications for teacher educators plus the potential retention of teachers.

Updated: Apr. 27, 2009