Technology-Mediated Instruction in Distance Education and Teacher Preparation in Special Education

Fall 2008

Source: Teacher Education and Special Education, v. 31 no. 4 (Fall 2008).
p. 229-242.

The authors examine the literature on distance education. They offer a brief chronology of its past-to-present development, with special attention to the evolution of technology mediated instruction. The authors document some of the major trends related to both theoretical and practical aspects of distance education.

Specifically, they look at the significance of the design of instruction and the importance of preserving faculty-student communication. Next, they look at the challenges as well as opportunities that distance education affords students, faculty, and institutions of higher education. Finally, the authors summarize what they believe to be major issues to be resolved if educators are to improve the quality of distance education and speculate about what the future might hold with regard to distance education and special education.

Updated: May. 07, 2009