Ideas and Identities: Supporting Equity in Cooperative Mathematics Learning

Jun. 25, 2009

Source: Review of Educational Research. Vol. 79, Iss. 2; p. 1008-1042. (June 2009).

In this review, the author focuses on pedagogies for equity in mathematics education.
The author reviews research related to mathematics education and cooperative learning.

Furthermore, she discusses how teachers might assist students in cooperative groups to provide equitable opportunities to learn.


In this context, equity is defined as the fair distribution of opportunities to learn, and the argument is that identity-related processes are just as central to mathematical development as content learning.
The link is thus considered between classroom social ecologies, the interactions and positional identities that these social ecologies make available, and student learning.

The author concludes by considering unresolved questions in the field and proposing directions for future research.

Updated: Jul. 02, 2009