Re-Envisioning Mentorship: Pre-service Teachers and Associate Teachers as Co-Learners

Sep. 30, 2009

Source: Teaching Education, Volume 20, Issue 3 September 2009 , pages 257 – 276.

Associate teachers have always been integral to pre-service teacher education, providing learning experiences to support the development of pedagogical knowledge in various subject areas. However, the requirement by many national and provincial curricula that technology be integrated into teaching practice, calls for a re-examination of the roles associate teachers play.

This article reports on a study of associate teachers' perspectives about their roles in supporting pre-service teachers as they integrate technology during the practicum.

An invitation to participate in a set of pre- and post-practicum interviews about supporting pre-service teachers integrate technology was issued as part of a larger survey sent to 150 associate teachers. Content analysis of pre- and post-interview data from four associate teachers and survey responses revealed that associate teachers' roles varied across a continuum from mentor to co-learner in relation to technology integration.
These changing roles point to a need to re-envision traditional notions of mentorship during the practicum.

Updated: Nov. 17, 2009