Mathematics for Teaching: A Form of Applied Mathematics

Feb. 28, 2010

This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Volume 26
Issue 2
, Author(s): Gabriel J. Stylianides and Andreas J. Stylianides, “Mathematics for Teaching: A Form of Applied Mathematics”, Pages 161-172, Copyright Elsevier (February 2010).

In this article, the authors elaborate a conceptualisation of mathematics for teaching as a form of applied mathematics (using Bass's idea of characterising mathematics education as a form of applied mathematics). Furthermore, the authors examine implications of this conceptualisation for the mathematical preparation of teachers.
Specifically, the authors focus on issues of design and implementation of a special kind of mathematics tasks whose use in mathematics teacher education can support the development of knowledge of mathematics for teaching.

Also, the authors discuss broader implications of the article for mathematics teacher education, including implications for mathematics teacher educators' knowledge for promoting mathematics for teaching.

Updated: May. 09, 2010