Evaluating the Quality of BEd Programme: Students' Views of Their College Experiences

May. 10, 2010

This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol 26, Issue 4, Author(s): Shafqat Hussain Khan, and Muhammad Saeed, “Evaluating the Quality of BEd Programme: Students' Views of Their College Experiences“, Pages 760-766, Copyright Elsevier (May 2010).

Quality assurance of teacher training has become of a great concern nowadays.
This article addresses the quality of BEd programme of the University of Education (UE) Lahore. The main purpose of the study was to evaluate the quality of BEd programme with regard to the internal efficiency of Government Colleges for Elementary Teachers (GCETs), the affiliated institutions of UE.

The study was conducted on a random sample of 600 BEd students drawn from 11 GCETs in Punjab province.

Data was collected through a questionnaire which was validated through a pilot study in 2006. The reliability of the final questionnaire was established at 0.863 allowing the researcher to launch the study at large scale (Gay, 2000).

The findings revealed that BEd programme was effective in terms of updating student teachers' knowledge and skills.
Student teachers favoured the quality of BEd curriculum, lesson planning and presentation by themselves and their teacher educators. However, the students teachers had some reservations about the proper use of audio-visual aids for effective classroom teaching learning processes.

Female gender showed more satisfaction with the quality of BEd curriculum and teaching than their male counterparts. No significant difference was found in the opinion of the students of GCETs having low, medium, and high enrolment.

Updated: Aug. 17, 2010