Videoconferencing in Math and Science Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Field Placements

Mar. 30, 2010

Source: Journal of Science Teacher Education, Volume 21, Number 2, 241-254. (March, 2010).

This study examined benefits and challenges of teaching through videoconferencing in the context of students’ field placement experiences, particularly as it relates to an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning math and science.

In the context of mathematics and science methods courses, preservice teachers, with the supervision of professors, field placement supervisors and cooperating teachers, taught a series of math and science lessons via video conferencing to 5th grade classes in a major urban public school.

Two major results of this study indicate that:
(1) teaching through videoconferencing highlights strengths and weaknesses in questioning skill techniques that are at the heart of an inquiry-based approach;
(2) teaching through videoconferencing raises the intellectual challenge of teaching and allows preservice teachers to look face to face into their limited understanding of the content matter in math and science.

Updated: Sep. 19, 2010