Teacher Scripts in Science Teaching

Aug. 15, 2010

This article was published in Teaching and Teacher Education, Volume 26, Issue 6,
Author(s): Rute Monteiro, José Carrillo and Santiago Aguaded, “Teacher Scripts in Science Teaching“, Pages 1269-1279, Copyright Elsevier (August 2010).

Awareness of teacher scripts is of crucial importance to reflection on practice, and represents one means of widening the scope of classroom performance.

The first part of this work describes three scripts employed by a novice science teacher within the topic of The Structure of Flowers. This part offers a detailed illustration-including a transcription excerpt, a routine, three scripts and an improvisation- of how these were derived by means of a Modelling Instrument (MI).

In the second part, the relationships between beliefs and actions are explored through tree diagrams.

Finally, there is a discussion of how entrenched scripts may act as obstacles to professional development.

Updated: Nov. 30, 2010