Mathematics Teacher Change in a Collaborative Environment: To What Extent and How

Sep. 08, 2010

Source: Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Volume 13, Number 5, 425-439. (October, 2010).

This paper reports on a study into how collaborative contexts influence the professional development of an early-career primary teacher, Julia.
The authors describe the process of change by which Julia manages to make her planning to teach mathematics more flexible so as to adapt to student difficulties.
Furthermore, the authors analyze the role that joint reflection plays in promoting this change.

In order to understand the how of this influence, the authors carried out an analysis of the interactions within the group from Julia’s point of view, following a dialogical approach to discourse.
The authors believe that it is in and through the interactions that Julia constructs her interpretation of the opinions, critiques and suggestions expressed.
This interpretation conditions the extent of her involvement and moulds the influence of the context on her professional development.

Updated: May. 26, 2011