Comparison of Teacher Educators' Instructional Methods With the Constructivist Ideal

Winter 2007

Source: The Teacher Educator, v. 42 no. 3 (Winter 2007) p. 157-84

The constructivist learning framework is a foundation for today's K-12 mathematics reform. Many future teachers across the United States are being taught that this is the way students learn best. More than simply teaching teachers about constructivism, however, educators are encouraged to model reform-based instructional strategies. A nationwide quantitative study suggests that as a whole, teacher educators are more constructivist in their instructional methods than are other higher education faculty (Goubeaud & Wenfan, 2004).

In this qualitative multi-case study, the teaching methods of 4 university instructors who teach mathematics courses to future elementary teachers were explored. The results of within-case and cross-case analyses demonstrate the constructivist nature of the participants' teaching methods. The results also indicate substantial variation in teaching methods, even though the participants' teaching beliefs are very similar.

Updated: Dec. 27, 2007