Students as Researchers: Engaging Students' Voices in PAR

September 2007

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 15, Issue 3 September 2007 , pages 337 - 349


A recent evaluation of a students-as-researchers project in Brisbane, Australia found that the use of participatory action research offers a means by which marginalised students, teachers, and university researchers can work collaboratively towards positive outcomes for the participants and their schools.
In discussing the relevant theory and the issues identified in focus groups and interviews held with the young researchers, we, firstly, consider the exclusion of some student voices from education discourse.


We then identify the features of students as researchers programmes, focusing on the Student Action Research for University Access (SARUA) project, which promote student voice on educational issues. Thirdly, we discuss the outcomes for participating schools in engaging with the students' voices through the project. Finally, we identify some features of the collaborative relationship that may obstruct genuine collaboration.

Updated: Jan. 01, 2008