Prospective Teacher Beliefs about Liberative and Oppressive Mathematics Teaching Practices: A First Step toward Equitable Instruction

Feb. 01, 2012

Source: Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 83-96 (February, 2012).

The current paper reports findings from a study conducted within a teacher education program to help highlight the importance of equitable instruction of mathematics for all students.

The researcher developed four scenarios of her oppressive and liberative teaching practices. Prospective teachers were then asked to write scenarios describing their oppressive and liberative teaching practices.

Results showed that prospective teachers found it easier to write liberative teaching practices of themselves than oppressive examples.
Scenario themes centered on allowing students ample time to understand mathematical concepts, having high expectations for all students, and addressing individual student’s needs.
Developing prospective teachers who are aware of equity in teaching requires ample time to discuss authentic issues in diversity.

Updated: Oct. 22, 2012