An Investigation of the Relationship between Self-Efficacy Beliefs about Technology Integration and Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) among Preservice Teachers

Summer, 2011

Source: Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, Vol. 27 No. 4, (Summer, 2011), p. 134-143.
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The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between preservice teachers’ perceived knowledge, as represented by the TPACK framework, and self-efficacy beliefs about their ability to successfully use technology in the classroom.

The study addressed to the following questions:
1. How are self-efficacy beliefs about technology integration related to the components of the TPACK model?
2.To what extent are measures of perceived knowledge in the TPACK domains able to predict self-efficacy beliefs about technology integration?
3.How does the predictive relationship among perceived knowledge in the TPACK domains and self-efficacy beliefs change over time?

The participants were 45 preservice teachers who enrolled in a teacher preparation program in early childhood education (ECE).
A single-group, pretest–posttest design was used to evaluate the relationship between self-efficacy beliefs toward technology integration (SE-TI) and perceived knowledge in TPACK domains.


The TPACK framework provides a valuable structure for teacher preparation and the ways that technology creates new dynamics in the teaching and learning process.
For example, the finding that perceived knowledge in multiple TPACK domains is positive suggests that efforts to improve teacher knowledge in the TPACK domains may result in increased self-efficacy beliefs.

Preservice teachers’ beliefs about their ability to use this knowledge in a classroom environment provide a measure that can assist in assessing the success of teacher preparation for technology integration.

This study has demonstrated the nature of this relationship in a specific context as a dynamic and evolving connection between preservice teachers’ knowledge and self-efficacy beliefs about technology integration.

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