Reflections at Hand: Using Student Response System Technology to Mediate Teacher Reflective Thinking

Apr. 03, 2012

Source: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 20(2), 205-222. (2012).

This study aimed to investigate the association between teachers’ self-reported reflective practices and their use of student response systems (SRS).

The authors analyzed the responses of 214 teacher participants from the southeastern US to the Teachers’ Technology Use and Belief Survey (TTUBS).

The findings reveal that self-reflection scores and reported SRS use were low yet significantly correlated.
Furthermore, the results show an increase in SRS predicts an increase in self-reflection.

With regard to the relationship of grade level and level of experience, this study shows SRS use the highest in middle school classrooms and that beginning teachers report using SRS more than experienced teachers.

The authors present implications for enhancing professional growth through SRS use and reflective practice.

Updated: Jun. 24, 2013