Constitution, Education and Research

Feb. 01, 2013

Source: European Educational Research Journal, Volume 12 Number 1 2013, pages 34‑47

This paper outlines an overview of Cádiz in 1812 and the Constitution.
The article describes the development of the contents of this constitution; its influence on the constitutions of other countries and vice versa; and the role of women under this constitution.

The Cádiz Constitution is an essential text in the history of constitutionalism and of the liberal movement of the beginning of the nineteenth century in Spain, as well as in neighbouring countries and America.

Therefore, the year 1812 may be considered the birth of Spanish constitutionalism and the beginning of the construction of Spain as a Constitutional State.

This article will explain the contributions of this constitution and subsequent extensions regarding developments in education.
The article will also highlight the importance of this constitution to the development of education.

Updated: Oct. 09, 2013