Everybody’s Problem: Novice Teachers in Disadvantaged Mexican Schools

Aug. 01, 2014

Source: International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, Vol. 27, Iss. 8, 2014 p. 959-973.

This article explores the difficulties that novice teachers confront at two economically, socially, and academically disadvantaged schools in the state of Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
The researchers employed the action research tradition.
Problems were identified using participant observation during reflexive workshops, and teacher-generated written documents.

The difficulties these teachers face include issues related to parent involvement, resources, students’ basic learning background, teaching strategies for students with particular needs, discipline, work overload, and career preparation and curricular reform.

The identified challenges are similar to those that beginning teachers typically experience. However, results of this study highlight the ways in which the immediate working context and characteristics of Mexico’s educational system uniquely impact and structure the experience of novice teachers in disadvantaged schools.

Updated: Mar. 12, 2015