A Framework for the Facilitation of Teachers’ Analysis of Video

Sep. 20, 2014

Source: Journal of Teacher Education, 65(4), September/October 2014, p. 340-356

Video is being used more widely in professional development to help teachers learn to notice and systematically analyze teaching practice.
Video captures the authenticity and complexity of teaching and can promote the examination of classroom interactions in a deliberate and focused way.
An important question concerns how to facilitate substantive analysis of teaching practice with video so that it becomes a productive learning tool for teachers.

This study examines the in-the-moment moves facilitators make in two different video-based professional development programs to offer a framework for facilitation with video.
The authors then examine patterns in facilitation across both contexts and identify practices that are unique to the goals of each setting.

The findings from this study have implications for the design of video-based professional development and for developing a knowledge base for professional education.

Updated: Jan. 27, 2016