Using edTPA to Compare Online and Face to Face Teacher Preparation Programs

Apr. 20, 2016

Source: Journal of Technology and Teacher Education Volume 24, Number 2, April 2016

Using edTPA score reports for teacher candidates completing a teacher education program, this study provides data informed evidence of the equivalency of online teacher candidates’ learning outcomes as compared to candidates completing traditional face to face (F2F) programs.
Mean and summative performance results suggest that mode of course delivery was not a significant factor in preparing teacher candidates. In general, learning was comparable in either format; however, analyses at the element level offer evidence of differences in achievement outcomes associated with program structure.

These findings challenge notions that traditional methods of teacher preparation are the only reputable pathways to becoming a teacher and suggest attributes of online learning may be linked to differences in candidate knowledge and skills preparation when equitable curricular opportunities are provided. Based on the results of this study, authors contend that not only is online an equivalent and in some cases more effective method for preparing teachers; it may be a more adept program delivery platform for preparing educators for planning for instruction and assessing student learning outcomes.

Updated: Mar. 29, 2017