The Effect of an Historical Perspective on Prospective Teachers’ Beliefs in Learning Mathematics

Aug. 01, 2014

Source: Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 303–330, August 2014.

This article addresses the issue of learners who hold traditional beliefs about mathematics, which can hamper their learning in the discipline. Hence, a “history-based” intervention program entailing problem-solving and writing activities that instigate cognitive conflict was implemented.
Data sources were pretest and posttest scores of a 12-theme questionnaire designed for this study called “Prospective teachers’ beliefs questionnaire about mathematics learning” and written reflections of prospective teachers.

The survey of the prospective teachers beliefs related to the nature of mathematics and the way it is learned, taught, and practiced showed a great majority of them failed to hold progressive beliefs. Fortunately, the intervention program has helped the prospective teachers revise and correct their beliefs, thoughts, and understandings. Study of the prospective teachers’ written reflections and observations of their oral presentations during whole-class discussions strengthen the results of the quantitative study.

Updated: Jun. 04, 2017