Preservice Teachers' Perception of Assessment Strategies in Online Teaching

Aug. 01, 2016

Source: Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, Volume 32, Issue 4,2016, pages 119-127

This study examines online assessment strategies employed by preservice teacher candidates when creating thematic learning experiences in online teaching environments.
The author used the learning management system Moodle as part of preservice teachers' innovative training to examine their use of a variety of assessment instruments to gather both formative and summative data. The participants were 395 candidates, who created instructional units across all grades and most subject areas.

Learning management systems have many built-in affordances, including the ability for teachers to make quizzes, host discussion forums, use concept mapping, and facilitate collaborative projects using multimedia as well as text. The findings reveal that the majority of students cautiously made use of more traditional tools such as quizzes and reports without taking full advantage of the power and potential of collaborative and creative potential in the development of authentic assessments. Analysis of these data showed that teacher candidates at the upper elementary level and in subjects like Science and Language Arts made far greater use of open-ended summative assessment activities than did other subgroupings.


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