Teaching and Learning in the Information Age - A Free Course During the 2020 Coronavirus Global Contingency from MOFET International

April 1, 2020

Source: MOFET's Online Academy

With an increasing number of educational institutions shutting down campuses and shifting their learning online to try and contain the spread of coronavirus…
The MOFET Institute’s International Department is reaching out to the global community of teachers and teacher trainers, which is partly in isolation or having difficulties maintaining its teaching routine due to the virus crises we are all dealing with.
Accordingly, the Online Academy of the International Channel will allow you to sign up for free for our online course - Teaching and Learning in the Information Age, taught by Mr. Jay Hurwitz of the MOFET Institute.

The course will last during the entire spring semester (about 14 weeks) on the Moodle platform and includes synchronous and asynchronous sessions.

Through this course we will:

  • Attempt to understand what it means to teach when the teacher has ceased to be the definitive source of knowledge
  • Examine the changing face of “literacy” in the information society
  • Become acquainted with the varieties of “text” available to us today
  • Understand the conflicting claims about how “Google is making us stupid”
  • Examine how tools that further the social nature of knowledge influence learning

The course is intended for teachers and teacher educators interested in the use of computers in their profession.

This course will be led by Mr. Jay Hurvitz who holds a Master’s degree in Computers and Communications in Education from the School of Education of Tel Aviv University.
From the mid-1990’s he has taken part in many of Israel’s first internet-based learning projects, including developing some of the first courses for the Aviv Virtual School.
Throughout the decade of 1999 – 2009 he served in the Department of Elementary Education of the Ministry of Education as the “resident expert” on learning with the internet.
He is a didactic advisor for the development of online courses at the Institute for Online Learning at Achva College of Education, and trains teacher educators in the Information and Communications Technologies Professional Specialization two-year program at The MOFET Institute.
He blogs extensively on issues dealing with internet in the learning process on his Hebrew blog.

Registration for the course is open until March 31, 2020.

Update: Due to the large number of participants, registration is now closed..
We will keep you informed about future initiatives of the MOFET Institute during the coronavirus crisis.

Updated: Mar. 20, 2020