Behaviors of Teachers in Co-taught Classes in a Secondary School.

Winter 2007

Source: Teacher Education and Special Education, v. 30 no. 1,  (Winter 2007) p. 13-23.

Researchers examined roles and actions of members of "co-teaching" teams including a special educator and a regular educator in a public high school. Observational data were collected using momentary time sampling procedures. Results indicated that regular educators presented material to students in 29.93[percent] of observed intervals; special educators presented material in less than 1[percent] of observed intervals.

Researchers observed regular educators conducting non-interaction instructional tasks (e.g., preparing for instruction) in 28.33[percent] of the intervals; special educators conducted these tasks in 3.96[percent] of intervals. Special educators observed or drifted in 45-24[percent] and responded to students more often ((i.e., 29.86[percent] observation intervals than regular educators. Results are discussed in terms of needed study related to roles of general and special educators as increasing numbers of students with disabilities are expected to master the general curriculum.

Updated: Jul. 20, 2008