Learning by Design: creating pedagogical frameworks for knowledge building in the twenty-first century

Aug. 14, 2008

Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, Volume 36, Issue 3 August 2008 , pages 197 - 213

In this paper we present a new theoretical framework for effective teaching and learning in the twenty-first century. We focus on learning activities that exemplify pedagogy as knowing in action and consider the ways in which this enables a transformation of learning in schools. We provide examples of the ways in which this can be designed and implemented. The incorporation of new technologies to assist in this process is central.

The use of ICT for documenting and publishing teacher designs for learning form the basis of our work with teachers. The learning activities that they created for their students incorporated the use of ICT in dynamic ways since these are the resources that form the basis of their actions and problem solving in their daily lives.

Updated: Aug. 27, 2008