In the shadows: non-tenure-line instructors in pre-service teacher education

May. 15, 2008

Source: European Journal of Teacher Education, Volume 31, Issue 2 May 2008 , pages 185 – 202

This article looks at the non-tenure-line instructors in a teacher education programme. Although they play a crucial role in teacher education, they largely toil in the shadows. They have limited voice in programme decisions, are offered little or no induction, and often work in isolation. The high turnover in staff and their heavy teaching and supervision loads make it difficult to begin to develop a pedagogy of teacher education.

We offer suggestions about how these instructors might be provided with induction, professional development, and other forms of support. These include supporting them with funds for professional development, including them on research teams, and providing opportunities for tenure-line and non-tenure-line faculty to socialise and work together.

Updated: Sep. 04, 2008