When Students Negotiate: An Action Research Case Study of a Year 8 English Class in a Secondary College in Victoria, Australia

Jun. 23, 2008

Source: Educational Action Research, Volume 16, Issue 2 June 2008 ,
pages 187 - 208

This article describes what happens when students are given the opportunity to be part of the decision-making process, both in the negotiation of what takes place in the classroom and in the 'action' of the action research process itself.
An action research approach was used as the most appropriate method by which to analyze the experiences of students and teacher as they negotiated three action research cycles in their Year 8 English classes. Specifically, the research focused on the connection between negotiated learning and motivation.
Results suggest that students experience greater commitment and motivation when they are given opportunities to be actively involved in contributing to their own learning, and point to the value of action research as a method for improving teaching practice.
This article is of particular interest to educators of middle-years students because it addresses the perceived challenges of educating young adolescents, particularly those at the Year 8 level.

Updated: Oct. 05, 2008