Constructing Coherence- Structural Predictors of Perceptions of Coherence in NYC Teacher Education Programs

Sep. 15, 2008

Source Journal of Teacher Education, Vol. 59, No. 4, 273-287, September 1, (2008)

In this article, the authors focus on the concept of coherence, a relatively underexplored concept in teacher education. They investigate the relationship between students' perceptions of coherence and a number of structural features of teacher education programs to help develop a stronger definition of one important dimension of coherence—the relationship between fieldwork and coursework.

 The authors examine the relationship between specific program features and students' perceptions of the degree to which program vision, principles, and practices are aligned with those in the field and also explore the degree to which students have opportunities to practice what they are learning in the program and to enact program goals and visions of good teaching and learning in the classroom. In a field that is calling for larger-scale studies, this research attempts to identify promising features that are also amenable to large-scale studies of the impact of teacher education.

Updated: Oct. 26, 2008