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December 22, 2013 International Portal of Teacher Education
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December 2013
Featured Items
Developing as Teacher Educator-Researchers
The current self-study explores the role of collaboration in the development of the authors, three new faculty members, as teacher educator-researchers. the authors consider the role that protocol-structured examination of artifacts of practice has played in their own professional learning as beginning teacher educator-researchers, as well as what it might offer to others engaging in self-study. The findings reveal protocol-structured dialogue about artifacts of classroom practice. In addition, the findings also show that the dialogue is formally facilitated, informed by text and common understanding, non-hierarchical, and task-specific.
Feedback in Teacher Education: Mentor Discourse and Intern Perceptions
This study examined the strategies that mentors adopted in giving actual feedback and the interns' perceptions of this feedback. Eleven participants in this study were five TESOL mentors, one Internship course instructor, and five MA student teaching interns. The mentors’ strategies included a number of strategies considered to be effective in giving intern-friendly or constructive feedback in teacher education contexts, such as the use of questions, the delivery of compliments before criticisms or specific suggestions. The findings reveal that the teaching interns’ comments seemed to indicate that they felt pleased with the feedback they received. The authors recommend that mentors pay special attention to affective factors when giving feedback to the interns to create the rapport with the latter and a favorable atmosphere for their learning.
Deepening Culturally Responsive Understandings within a Teacher Preparation Program: It’s a Process
This article reviews the efforts of the teacher education program at the University of Colorado Denver to examine the extent to which culturally responsive practices were evident in their program and to provide professional development supports to faculty as they undertook course revision work. External evaluation of the program highlighted: a near absence of community-based learning experiences for teacher candidates, a glaring concern regarding their limited conceptualization of social justice and diversity, and a need for enhanced efforts at recruitment of diverse teacher candidates. The authors describe how professional development was designed and implemented and ensuing programmatic changes. The authors conclude with recommendations for such programmatic changes.
Exploring the Transition into Academia through Collaborative Self-Study
In this collaborative self-study, the authors were interested to examine their own transition from doctoral students to assistant professors. Data revealed three turning points highlight the impact of the authors' new roles on all aspects of their practice as teacher educators and their thinking about teaching and teachers. The first turning point speaks to how the authors were challenged to reframe what counts as quality teaching in the academy. The second turning point revealed the authors' feeling that it is important to be strategic about the research they conduct to ensure sufficient opportunities for publication. Finally, the third turning point was an expression of the pressure the authors felt to do an outstanding job at each of the three components of their roles: teaching, research, and service.
Beginning Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: The Impact of School-Based Factors
This study explores the job satisfaction and career development of beginning teachers in Hong Kong at a time of education reform. The authors are interested to understand teachers’ reasons for joining the profession, and how their personal goals interact with the teaching environment to shape job satisfaction. The participants were eleven graduates from the Post-graduate Diploma of Education (PGDE) Primary Programme of the Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2007. The findings reveal that the school environment was found to be more determinative of teachers’ satisfaction and their initial teaching orientation. The authors suggest that teachers’ level of job satisfaction may be improved through systematically reducing their non-teaching workload by a generous increase in the number of supporting staff in schools.
December 2013
All Recent Items
Teacher Education & Instruction
Adopting Just-in-Time Teaching in the Context of an Elementary Science Education Methodology Course
Self-Study of Cross-Cultural Supervision of Teacher Candidates for Social Justice
Redesigning Academic Essays to Promote Teacher Reflection on Selected Issues of Learning and Teaching Related to the Current Educational Reform in Hong Kong
Finding a Third Space in Teacher Education: Creating an Urban Teacher Residency
Educating Preservice Teachers for Family, School, and Community Engagement
Preparing Educators to Partner with Families
An Analysis of Cultural Diversity and Recurring Themes in Preservice Teachers’ Online Discussions of Epstein’s Six Types of Parent Involvement
How Is My Child Doing?: Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Engage Parents through Assessment

Research Methods

Exploring the Transition into Academia through Collaborative Self-Study

Mentoring & Supervision

Feedback in Teacher Education: Mentor Discourse and Intern Perceptions

Teacher Educators

Charting a Way Forward: Intersections of Race and Space in Establishing Identity as an African-Canadian Teacher Educator
Developing as Teacher Educator-Researchers

Teacher Education Programs

Deepening Culturally Responsive Understandings within a Teacher Preparation Program: It’s a Process

Preservice Students

Competing and Conflicting Identity Plotlines: Navigating Personal Narratives of Entering Teaching
Teaching Anxieties Revealed: Pre-service Elementary Teachers’ Reflections on their Mathematics Teaching Experiences
Pre- and In-service Teachers’ Beliefs about ELLs in Content Area Classes: A Case for Inclusion, Responsibility, and Instructional Support

Beginning Teachers

Beyond Induction: The Continuing Professional Development Needs of Early-Career Teachers in Scotland
Beginning Teachers’ Job Satisfaction: The Impact of School-Based Factors

Theories & Approaches

Horse Riding 101: The Role of Experience in Reframing Teacher Education Practices
Enacting a Vision of Teacher Education by Developing a Common Interpretive Zone
Playing the Game: A Bourdieuian Perspective of Pre-service Inquiry Teaching
The Psychological Dimension of Transformation in Teacher Learning
(Re)designing Literacy Teacher Education: A Call for Change
December 2013
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