Dec. 03, 2010
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December 3, 2010 International Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
December 2010
Featured Items
Listening to Strangers: Classroom Discussion in Democratic Education
The author argues that the practice of speaking and listening to strangers is crucial to democratic citizen formation. The author outlines a discursive approach to the cultivation of enlightened political engagement in schools. The author argues that schools are the best available sites for this project because they have the key assets: diverse schoolmates, problems, strangers, and curriculum and instruction. The author concludes that schools in societies with democratic ideals are obligated to cultivate enlightened and engaged citizens. Helping young people form the habits of listening to strangers, at that very public place called school, should advance this work.
Understanding the Teacher Job Search Process: Espoused Preferences and Preferences in Use
This article focused on the processes that teachers use to find a job and how they came to work in particular schools. Participants were individuals currently completing teacher education programs and looking for their first teaching job. The author concludes that teacher applicants’ practical understanding of the job search was informed by their social and cultural background and emphasized characteristics such as familiarity when making career decisions.
'The Beauty of America': Nationalism, Education, and the War on Terror
In this article, the author draws on qualitative research conducted with Palestinian American high school students to explore school as a key site for nation building. The author describes how U.S. nationalism and national identities are produced collectively within and through everyday racialized and gendered discourses and practices inside one school. Furthermore, the author examines the ways these productions of everyday nationalism articulate with U.S. imperial ambitions in relation to the war on terror. The author argues that legal citizenship did not protect the Palestinian American youth in this study from being seen and treated as outsiders. The authors concludes with recommendations for educating teachers.
Rethinking Education and Emancipation: Being, Teaching, and Power
The purpose of this article is to specify the grounding concepts and principles that should inform a contemporary emancipatory education. Hence, the article describes two central principles for a renewed emancipatory pedagogy across educational contexts: the recognition of an essential equality between students and teachers and a liberatory agency that uncovers and builds on students' effectivity as beings against domination. This article has important implications for educational researchers and practitioners concerned with social justice, transformation, and the struggle against oppression.
Understanding Narrative Relations in Teacher Education
In this article, the authors offer a theoretical framework, drawn from Judith Butler's politics of the performative and Adriana Cavarero's narrative relations, for understanding the dynamics of using narratives of practice in teacher education. The authors conclude that by understanding the irresolvable tension of desire to have one’s story told, a teacher has a better chance of recognising her own vulnerability and that of her students, and of teaching at the starting place of ethics.
Reverence and Listening in Teaching and Leading
The authors propose the revival of reverence and reverential listening in teaching and leading in schools. The authors take Woodruff's philosophical and historical analysis of reverence and extend it to education, particularly for teachers and school leaders. The authors’ purpose is to show what reverential listening is and how it can be part of best practices in schools. The authors conclude that small acts of reverent kindness, like the acts of reverent listening accomplished by teachers and leaders in schools, can be transformative.
December 2010
All Recent Items
Multiculturalism & Diversity
Scholarship Girls Aren't the Only Chicanas Who Go to College: Former Chicana Continuation High School Students Disrupting the Educational Achievement Binary
The Role of Subjective Motivation in Girls' Secondary Schooling: The Case of Avoidance of Abuse in Belize
Toward a Practice of Polyphonic Dialogue in Multicultural Teacher Education
Committed White Male Teachers and Identifications: Toward Creative Identifications and a “Second Wave” of White Identity Studies
Cultivating Racial Literacy in White, Segregated Settings: Emotions as Site of Ethical Engagement and Inquiry
Listening to Strangers: Classroom Discussion in Democratic Education
Teacher Effects and the Achievement Gap: Do Teacher and Teaching Quality Influence the Achievement Gap Between Black and White and High- and Low-SES Students in the Early Grades?

Professional Development

Understanding the Teacher Job Search Process: Espoused Preferences and Preferences in Use

TE & Instruction

Class Attendance in College: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Relationship of Class Attendance With Grades and Student Characteristics
After the Blackbird Whistles: Listening to Silence in Classrooms
Listening: A Virtue Account
Listening to a Challenging Perspective: The Role of Interruption
Reverence and Listening in Teaching and Leading
Compassionate, Spiritual, and Creative Listening in Teaching and Learning
Two Types of Interpersonal Listening
Listening for Identity Beyond the Speech Event
On Pretending to Listen
Decoding Success: A Middle-Class Logic of Individual Advancement in a U.S. Suburb and High School
The Role of Psychological and Developmental Science in Efforts to Improve Teacher Quality
Up, Close and Personal: Teachers' Responses to an Individualised Professional Learning Opportunity
Teacher Scripts in Science Teaching

TE Programs

Partnered Field Placements: Collaboration in the ‘‘Real World’’
Understanding Narrative Relations in Teacher Education
The Design of Pre-service Inclusive Education Courses and their Effects on Self-efficacy: A Comparative Study
Challenges for Teacher Education: The Mismatch between Beliefs and Practice in Remote Indigenous Contexts

Preservice Students

Making Sense of Conceptual Tools in Student-Generated Cases: Student Teachers' Problem-Solving Processes
Initial Epistemological Beliefs Transformation in One Teacher Education Classroom: Case Study of Four Preservice Teachers
Writing and Becoming [a Teacher]: Teacher Candidates’ Literacy Narratives over Four Years
Success and Near Misses: Pre-service Teachers’ Use, Confidence and Success in Various Classroom Management Strategies
Involving a Village: Student Teachers' Sense of Belonging in their School-Based Placement

Beginning Teachers

The Growth of Reflective Practice among Three Beginning Secondary Mathematics Teachers

Theories & Approaches

Staging the Crisis: Teaching, Capital, and the Politics of the Subject
Rethinking Education and Emancipation: Being, Teaching, and Power
Parental Agency in Educational Decision Making: A Mexican American Example

TE - General Trends

'The Beauty of America': Nationalism, Education, and the War on Terror
Representing Family: Community Funds of Knowledge, Bilingualism, and Multimodality
December 2010
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