Feb. 21, 2014
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February 21 – UNESCO and the entire world celebrate the International Mother Language Day for promoting awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

We are happy to announce a MOFET International Online Conference on "Teaching Hebrew as an Additional Language to Diverse Populations in Israel and around the World", to be held on May 10-11, 2015.
Among the presenters you will find top researchers and practitioners from around the world that will focus on the challenges facing teachers, educators, researchers and policy makers in the field of Hebrew language education. Save the dates and sign up here to keep posted on further details.

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February 21, 2014 International Portal of Teacher Education
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February 2014
Featured Items
Teacher Educator Dilemmas: A Concept to Study Pedagogy
The purpose of this study is to disclose the types and content of dilemmas teacher educators in Turkey faced with as well as the strategies they used to cope with them. Additionally, the findings were compared with datasets from Israel and The Netherlands in order to make cross-cultural comparisons. The findings indicate that teacher educators are concerned with improving their pedagogy and professionalism in teaching for teaching, with a prime concern for being an initiator of learning. The comparison of the findings reveals that the theory–practice-related dilemmas are among the most prominent across contexts. Furthermore, the comparison's findings reveal that while Israeli and Dutch educators express a preference for the involvement of their students as a strategy to cope with their dilemmas, Turkish educators seem to be coping with them either on their own or by seeking advice from their colleagues.
Promoting A Culture of Reflection in Teacher Education: The Challenge of Large Lecture Settings
This article explores the challenges experienced by teacher educators promoting reflective practice in a large group setting, using reflective verbalisation as an organising framework. This study undertaken in a university in the Republic of Ireland. The findings reveal that the participants indicated that their experience of the module enabled them to use a reflective approach to new situations which arose in their classrooms. In addition, the participants indicated that the module had facilitated their capacity to reflect on and develop their own ideas about teaching and curriculum. However, participants did not feel that the module allowed them to explore with staff and fellow students specific curricular and/or classroom issues which they were experiencing in the practicum.
Considering the First Year: Reflection as a Means to Address Beginning Teachers’ Concerns
This article uses previous research on beginning English teachers’ major concerns to frame the exploration of concerns faced by four beginning teachers. This article seeks to expand on that research by examining the concerns faced by four beginning teachers and considering the implications of those concerns for teacher preparation. The author concludes that in addition to those identified by the previous research, the four beginning teachers in this study dealt with adjusting to the teaching profession, accepting their students, and managing their emotions.
Diversity in Primary Teacher Education Gender Differences in Student Factors and Curriculum Perception
In this article, the authors are interested to know whether male and female students in the Netherland perceive the curriculum differently. The following research question was guided this study: Can gender-specific student factors be identified in relation to the initial teacher education curriculum that leads to the differences in the dropout rate? The authors found gender differences in student factors as well as in the way male and female students perceive the curriculum. Concerning the student factors, males and females differ in professional motivation and expectations concerning the curriculum at the start of their training and after two-and-a-half years.
The Beneficial Outcome of a Successful Mentoring Relationship: The Development of Inclusive Education
In this article, the authors present the mentoring relationship of two teachers at an urban elementary school in Paphos, Cyprus. The authors present how the mentoring relationship of two teachers resulted in the provision of a more inclusive education, not only regarding the two teachers involved in the mentoring relationship, but in the school in general. The data analysis led to the following two assertions: a) the mentoring relationship helped the new teacher to develop more inclusive practices, and b) the mentoring relationship helps in the development of a culture of cooperation between the new teacher and his or her mentor but also helps in the expansion of this relationship throughout the whole school.
February 2014
All Recent Items
Multiculturalism & Diversity
Examining Social Political Contexts in Teacher Preparation in Palestine

Teacher Education & Instruction

Promoting A Culture of Reflection in Teacher Education: The Challenge of Large Lecture Settings

Research Methods

Critical Narrative Analysis: The Interplay of Critical Discourse and Narrative Analyses

Mentoring & Supervision

The Beneficial Outcome of a Successful Mentoring Relationship: The Development of Inclusive Education
Effects of Coaching on Teachers’ Use of Function-Based Interventions for Students With Severe Disabilities

Teacher Educators

Student-teachers’ Supervision as a Professional Development Activity: Building Work-Related Skills
Teacher Educators under Surveillance at a Religious University
Teacher Educator Dilemmas: A Concept to Study Pedagogy

Special Education

Improved Lesson Planning With Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Teacher Preparation in Moderate and Severe Disabilities: A State Tool for Intern Support
Teacher Training Matters: The Results of a Multistate Survey of Secondary Special Educators Regarding Transition From School to Adulthood
Honoring Voices From Beginning Special Educators for Making Changes in Teacher Preparation

Teacher Education Programs

The Professional Learning Community as Subversive Activity: Countering the Culture of Conventional Schooling
The Practicum in Preservice Teacher Education: A Review of Empirical Studies
Diversity in Primary Teacher Education Gender Differences in Student Factors and Curriculum Perception
Promoting Adaptive Expertise: A Conceptual Framework for Special Educator Preparation

Preservice Students

Singaporean Pre-service Teachers’ Beliefs about Epistemology,Teaching and Learning, and Technology
Prospective Teachers’ Perceptions of Instrumentality, Boredom Coping Strategies, and Four Aspects of Engagement

Beginning Teachers

Learning to Plan, Planning to Learn: The Developing Expertise of Beginning Teachers
Novices ‘In Story’: What First-year Teachers’ Narratives Reveal about the Shady Corners of Teaching
Considering the First Year: Reflection as a Means to Address Beginning Teachers’ Concerns

Theories & Approaches

Mastering Teaching and Learning through Pedagogic Partnership: A Vision and Framework for Developing ‘Collaborative Resonance’ in England
‘Four Years On, I’m Ready to Teach’: Teacher Education and the Construction of Teacher Identities
Assessing the Mess: Challenges to Assemblage Theory and Teacher Education

Trends in Teacher Education

Internationalization: A Transformative Agenda for Higher Education?
February 2014
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