Jan. 20, 2022
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We are delighted to be sending you the first 2022 newsletter of the International Portal of Teacher Education, containing, as usual, the latest articles on teacher education, pedagogy, and instruction that have been published in academic journals.

This February, we invite you to participate in our new online seminar: Professionalisation of teachers and school leaders through phenomenologically oriented vignettes.

The interactive seminar will be held by Dr. Vasileios Symeonidis of the University of Graz (Austria), an expert in teacher education policy and practice. He will introduce the phenomenologically oriented vignette as a research and professionalisation tool for the training of teachers and school leaders at teacher education institutions, as well as for school development and quality management.

Participants will be trained to write and read vignettes, reflecting on their application in different learning contexts.
For more information and registration please click here.

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