Jul. 31, 2012
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July 31, 2012 International Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
July 2012
Featured Items
The Masters in Teaching and Learning: A Revolution in Teacher Education or a Bright Light Quickly Extinguished?
In summer 2009, the Labour government in England introduced of the Masters in Teaching and Learning (MTL), which was fully funded by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA). The proposed aim of the MTL is ‘to improve teacher quality to raise standards in education. The authors discuss what the MTL might mean both for in‐service teacher education and initial teacher training. The authors also explore issues relating to the structure and delivery of MTL.
Learning to Laugh: A Portrait of Risk and Resilience in Early Childhood
In this article, the author describes his work with Goddess, a sixteen-month-old child who has never laughed. The author was assigned to work in her classroom as part of his clinical internship during his graduate studies in mental health counseling and human development. The author explores the ways in which Goddess 's relationships with her mother and teachers help her learn to laugh. The author concludes that the mutual transformation that occurred between Goddess and the important relationships in her life has inspired and sustained a support network for her, thereby greatly improving her future prospects.
Promoting Collaboration in a Project-Based E-Learning Context
In this article, the authors investigate the value of collaboration in promoting the sharing of individual reflective thinking in group work and enhancing metacognitive knowledge in a project-based e-learning context. The authors conducted an empirical study using a collaborative learning script combining individual and collaborative activities at specific phases of a project as an additional scaffold. The authors used MyProject in an e-learning context where all the interactions take place online and the life cycle of a project is inherent in the environment.
Broadening Views of Social Justice and Teacher Leadership: Addressing LGB Issues in Teacher Education
This case study explores the immediate impact of LGB-themed instruction by examining graduate education students’ written reflections following a guest lecture on LGB-related educational issues. The participants in this study were the instructor who was a heterosexual woman, two guest speakers who were two gay men, and 18 credentialed, master’s degree education students. The results of the current study indicate that teachers are more likely to establish and implement inclusive policies and practices in their classrooms in response to LGB-themed instruction.
Resiliency to Success: Supporting Novice Urban Teachers
This study draws data from a public university teacher education program that specifically sought to prepare White, middle-income, novice teachers to work in a large, urban school district. Specifically, the authors sought to find out what characteristics and environmental supports were important to these teachers in their first years of teaching. The results of this study identified seven criteria that emerged from interviews of 12 new urban teachers in exploring what makes them feel successful in their jobs. Themes included access to significant adult relationships, ability to mentor others, ability to problem-solve, hope, high expectations for self and students, sociocultural awareness, and the teachers’ need to access professional development opportunities.
July 2012
All Recent Items
Professional Development
Teacher–Working-Environment Fit as a Framework for Burnout Experienced by Finnish Teachers
“I Speak Prose and I Now Know It.” Personal Development Trajectories among Teacher Educators in a Professional Development Community

Teacher Education & Instruction

Learning to Laugh: A Portrait of Risk and Resilience in Early Childhood
Fostering Meaning-Oriented Learning and Deliberate Practice in Teacher Education
Teacher Learning in Collaborative Curriculum Design
Exploring the Use of Critical Incident Analysis and the Professional Learning Conversation in an Initial Teacher Education Programme
An International Perspective on Classroom Management: What Should Prospective Teachers Learn?
Teacher Education for Classroom Management in Israel: Structures and Orientations
Classroom Management in a Dutch Teacher Education Program: A Realistic Approach

Teacher Educators

Critically-Oriented Pedagogical Tact: Learning about and through our Compulsions as Teacher Educators

Teacher Education Programs

The Masters in Teaching and Learning: A Revolution in Teacher Education or a Bright Light Quickly Extinguished?
Preparing Teacher Leaders: Perceptions of the Impact of a Cohort-Based, Job Embedded, Blended Teacher Leadership Program
Critical Multicultural Education and Teacher Sense of Agency

Preservice Students

Core Values and the Identity-Supportive Classroom: Setting LGBTQ Issues within Wider Frameworks for Preservice Educators
Student Teachers’ Skills in the Implementation of Collaborative Learning: A Multilevel Approach
How Pre-service Teachers Observe Teaching on Video: Effects of Viewers’ Teaching Subjects and the Subject of the Video
Disorienting Experiences during Study Abroad: Reflections of Pre-service Teacher Candidates
Parsing the Language of Racism and Relief: Effects of a Short-term Urban Field Placement on Teacher Candidates’ Perceptions of Culturally Diverse Classrooms
Developing Teacher Candidate Identity in the Context of a Rural Internship

Beginning Teachers

Resiliency to Success: Supporting Novice Urban Teachers

Technology & Computers

Promoting Collaboration in a Project-Based E-Learning Context
Additive and Disruptive Pedagogies: The Use of Slowmation as an Example of Digital Technology Implementation
Situated Learning in an Educational Technology Course for Pre-service Teachers

Theories & Approaches

Broadening Views of Social Justice and Teacher Leadership: Addressing LGB Issues in Teacher Education
Embedded, Emboldened, and (Net)Working for Change: Support-Seeking and Teacher Agency in Urban, High-Needs Schools
Teacher Learning in a Context of Educational Change: Informal Learning Versus Systematically Supported Learning
The Multidimensionality of Multicultural Service Learning: The Variable Effects of Social Identity, Context and Pedagogy on Pre-service Teachers’ Learning
Rethinking the Use of Video in Teacher Education: A Holistic Approach
Human Dignity within Teacher Education: A Matter of Individualism, Competitiveness, and Strategic Rationality
Developing Sociopolitical Consciousness at Freedom Schools: Implications for Culturally Responsive Teacher Preparation
July 2012
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