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July 5, 2011 International Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
July 2011
Featured Items
Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Coteaching: A Qualitative Study
The purpose of this research was to explore attitudes about and practices of preservice special and social studies education teachers toward coteaching. Two findings emerged in this study. First, the students were open minded about coteaching but had concerns about the process. Second, the students conceptualized their fields as separate spheres of knowledge and practice, quite isolated from each other, and they perceived their roles as coteachers as different as well.
Reforming Teacher Education through a Professionally Applied Study of Teaching
This article describes the model for teacher development that evolved from the review of research on teacher education and the development and implementation of the first year of the Master of Teaching at the University of Melbourne. This model summarises the five knowledge bases in teaching and learning that have been identified in the research literature. All elements of the programme were focused on assisting teacher candidates to develop a consistent professional framework for thinking and responding to teaching and learning in classrooms.
Examining the Relationship Between Two Assessments of Teacher Effectiveness
In this study, the authors administered two instruments designed to assess and predict teacher effectiveness, the Teacherinsight Interview (TI) and the Renaissance Teacher Work Sample (TWS). The authors asked whether the TWS could serve as a significant predictor of the Tl score. The participants were 396 teacher candidates. This study showed that Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching scores are significantly correlated with TWS score and TI score. Furthermore, certification level was significantly related to both TI and TWS total scores. However, a stepwise regression revealed only two variables -- certification level and Praxis PLT score -- as significant predictors of TI scores.
Becoming A Literacy Teacher: Approximations in Critical Literacy Teaching
This article examines how two pre-service teachers learn to take up definitions of local literacies in their work with students from racially, linguistically, and culturally diverse backgrounds in practicum settings. They use approximations in literacy teaching to design practices with students, demonstrating the process of becoming a teacher of literacy.
Transitioning to the Classroom: Reflections of Second-Career Teachers during the Induction Year
The purpose of this study was to examine the teaching beliefs that post-baccalaureate students brought into a graduate level teacher certification program. Furthermore, the study explored the extent to which those beliefs persevered or changed during their first year of teaching.
July 2011
All Recent Items
Multiculturalism & Diversity
Critical Liberal Education: An Undergraduate Pedagogy for Teacher Candidates in Socially Diverse University Settings
Intersections of Race and Sexuality in a Teacher Education Course
A Grounded Theory of New Aboriginal teachers' Perceptions: The Cultural Attributions of Medicine Wheel Teachings
Studying English with Thai and Native-Speaking Teachers

Professional Development

Transitioning to the Classroom: Reflections of Second-Career Teachers during the Induction Year

Teacher Education & Instruction

'A Little Bit Marginalized': The Structural Marginalization of English Language Teachers in Urban and Rural Public Schools
Teaching Knowledge and Teacher Competencies: A Case Study of Turkish Preservice English Teachers
Triad Dynamics: Investigating Social Forces, Roles, and Storylines
Becoming A Literacy Teacher: Approximations in Critical Literacy Teaching
Changing the Face of Student Teaching Through Coteaching
Why They Sat Still: The Ideas and Values of Long-Serving Teachers in Challenging Inner-City Schools in England
Voices of Teachers with Dyslexia in Finnish and English Further and Higher Educational Settings
Teaching Social Studies in the 21st Century: A Research Study of Secondary Social Studies Teachers' Instructional Methods and Practices
Pedagogical Well-Being: Reflecting Learning and Well-Being in Teachers' Work

Mentoring & Supervision

Mentoring Two Student Teachers: Mentors' Perceptions of Peer Placements
Care, Thoughtfulness, and Tact: A Conceptual Framework for University Supervisors

Teacher Educators

Listening, Play, and Social Attraction in the Mentoring of New Teachers

Teacher Education Programs

Teacher Knowledge and Initial Teacher Education in the English Learning and Skills Sector
Authentic Arts-Based Learning in Teacher Education: A Musical Theatre Experience

Preservice Students

Promoting Awareness of Learner Diversity in Prospective Teachers: Signaling Individual and Group Differences within Virtual Classroom Cases
Reliability of Pre-service Physical Education Teachers' Coding of Teaching Videos Using Studiocode Analysis Software
Teaching for Application: A Model for Assisting Pre-Service Teachers With Technology Integration
Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Coteaching: A Qualitative Study
Dance Lessons: Preparing Preservice Teachers for Coteaching Partnerships
Improving Preservice Teacher Preparation Through the Teacher Work Sample: Exploring Assessment and Analysis of Student Learning

Teaching Assessment

Examining the Relationship Between Two Assessments of Teacher Effectiveness

Technology & Computers

Experiencing Online Pedagogy: A Canadian Case Study

Theories & Approaches

Reforming Teacher Education through a Professionally Applied Study of Teaching
Educational Collaboration across Borders: The Preparation of the Transforming Teacher Education. Redefined Professionals for 21st Century Schools Report
When You've Only Got One Class, One Chance: Acquiring Sociocultural Knowledge Using Eclectic Case Pedagogy
July 2011
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