Jun. 13, 2011
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June 13, 2011 International Portal of Teacher Education
Please note: a complete list of recent additions to the portal follows the Featured Items.
June 2011
Featured Items
How Teacher Education Can Make A Difference
This paper discusses the gap between theory and practice which has made teacher education a difficult enterprise. Central to the argument of the article is the presentation of a three-level model of teacher learning that helps to frame the relationship between practice and theory in a specific manner. Based on this model, the so-called 'realistic approach' to teacher education is described. The authors conclude that teacher education can make a difference, but that this may require a careful programme design.
Evaluating Teacher Education Outcomes: A Study of the Stanford Teacher Education Programme
In this article, the authors describe a set of research and assessment strategies used to evaluate program outcomes in the Stanford Teacher Education Programme during a period of program redesign over the course of a decade. The authors conclude that the measures of teacher effectiveness are unlikely to help teacher educators improve programs without a rich array of other tools that reveal how specific experiences support candidates in developing useful practices.
Inside Out: Action Research from the Teacher–Researcher Perspective
This paper presents the action research component of a Master of Natural Science degree program for physics teachers at a large research university in the southwestern United States. The article describes both process and outcomes of this research experience from the perspectives of the research coordinator and the teacher–researchers. The teachers who have completed the MNS degree program indicate their AR process was a valuable and interesting experience despite the manifold challenges of conducting classroom research in cooperation with a team of teachers while simultaneously teaching full time.
Challenges to ITE Research in Conditions of Complexity
This article draws on the Scottish experience of undertaking research as part of the reforming process of an undergraduate program in initial teacher education. The article examines the tripartite tensions created by differing perspectives and rationales with respect to teacher education: policy, research and practice. The authors' experiences and reflections lead them to some conclusions about the nature of research-based practice in a policy-driven initiative.
Mathematics Teacher Change in a Collaborative Environment: To What Extent and How
This paper reports on a study into how collaborative contexts influence the professional development of an early-career primary teacher, Julia. The authors describe the process of change by which Julia manages to make her planning to teach mathematics more flexible so as to adapt to student difficulties. Furthermore, the authors analyze the role that joint reflection plays in promoting this change.
Teacher Lust: Reconstructing the Construct for Mathematics Instruction
This article presents a refined conception of Mary Boole’s construct of teacher lust. Boole's construct had impact on collegiate mathematics courses for prospective elementary and middle grades teachers. Two working aspects of the construct were identified: (1) enacted teacher lust; and (2) experienced teacher lust.
June 2011
All Recent Items
Professional Development
Teachers’ and Researchers’ Collaboration in Analysing Mathematics Teaching: A Context for Professional Reflection and Development
Understanding Change through a High School Mathematics Teacher’s Journey to Inquiry-Based Teaching
Mathematics Teacher Change in a Collaborative Environment: To What Extent and How
Noticing Rapid and Profound Mathematics Teacher Change
Changing Roles and Identities in the Construction of a Community of Mathematical Inquiry
‘It’s Getting Me Thinking and I’m an Old Cynic’: Exploring the Relational Dynamics of Mathematics Teacher Change

Teacher Education & Instruction

K-8 Educators Perceptions and Preparedness for Teaching Evolution Topics
Re-Examining the Similarities Between Teacher and Student Conceptions About Physical Science
Teacher Lust: Reconstructing the Construct for Mathematics Instruction
If We Teach Them, They Can Learn: Young Students Views of Nature of Science Aspects to Early Elementary Students During an Informal Science Education Program
Elementary Students’ Scientific Epistemological Beliefs in Relation to Socio-Economic Status and Gender
Teachers’ Conceptions of Representation in Middle School Mathematics
Mathematically Based and Practically Based Explanations in the Elementary School: Teachers’ Preferences
Challenges of Critical Colleagueship: Examining and Reflecting on Mathematics Teacher Study Group Interactions
Mathematics Pedagogical Change: Rethinking Identity and Reflective Practice
Clickers in Teacher Education: Student Perceptions by Age and Gender
A Blended In-service Arrangement for Supporting Science Teachers in Technology Integration

Research Methods

Teacher Learning and Collaborative Action Research: Generating a “Knowledge-of-Practice” in the Context of Science Education
Understanding Changes in Teacher Roles Through Collaborative Action Research
Can Inquiry and Reflection be Contagious? Science Teachers, Students, and Action Research
Using Action Research to Engage K-6 Teachers in Nature of Science Inquiry as Professional Development
Inside Out: Action Research from the Teacher–Researcher Perspective

Teacher Education Programs

The Organization of the Mathematics Preparation and Development of Teachers: A Report from the ICMI Study 15
An Accountability Model for Initial Teacher Education
Does Initial Teacher Education Make a Difference? The Impact of Teacher Preparation on Student Teachers' Attitudes towards Educational Inclusion
How Teacher Education Can Make A Difference

Teaching Assessment

Evaluating Teacher Education Outcomes: A Study of the Stanford Teacher Education Programme

Technology & Computers

Preservice Technology Integration Course Revision: A Conceptual Guide
Learner-Centeredness and Teacher Efficacy: Predicting Teachers' Consequence Concerns regarding the Use of Technology in the Classroom?

Theories & Approaches

Challenges to ITE Research in Conditions of Complexity
Shifting Conceptualisations of Knowledge and Learning in Initial Teacher Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Trends in Teacher Education

Capturing Parents’ Individual and Institutional Interest Toward Involvement in Science Education
June 2011
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