Jun. 28, 2008
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June 28, 2008 International Portal of Teacher Education
June 2008
Featured Items
Longitudinal Research on Beginning Teacher Development: Complexity as a Challenge to Concerns-based Stage Theory
Stage theory represents an explanation of change in the teacher professional development. A study conducted on 79 beginning teachers over a two year period ranked categories of concerned. Results confirmed findings of two longitudinal studies indicating teachers concern for impact consistently rank higher across time. One academic in orientation and the second consisting of personal and individual concerns for students, emerged as distinct dimensions across time.
Preservice Teacher Inquiry: Creating a Space to Dialogue about Becoming a Social Justice Educator
The study explores the term 'inquiry' to promote social justice in practical and theoretical knowledge for preservice teachers. It led the teachers to reflect on ideals of social justice with regard to teaching diverse learners. The inquiry process may assist teacher education programs that address ways of observing, questioning, and inventing may well be a valuable strategy in the development of social justice educators.
Teachers’ Conceptions of Teacher-research and Self-perceptions as Enquiring Practitioners—A Longitudinal Case Study
The article explores a study engaged in teachers-research and the student being able to be requiring practitioners. A group of Britain student teachers were studied, utilizing questionnaires, semi-structured interviews and field notes from direct observation. Using a grounded theory methodology, the result follow that reporting research does not providies teachers with skills and tools for reflection, that are easily transferable to practice.
Service Learning and Literacy Tutoring: Academic Impact on Pre-service Teachers
The article explores how undergraduate preservice teachers participated in a literacy tutoring experience, compared to a preservice of self selected programs. Findings indicate that service–learning is positively influenced with student academic achievement. The elements influencing the positive service learning is the value placed on the service increased student motivation to learn course content.
Learning in All-day Schools: Results of a New Teaching Time Model
Following the results of the Programme for International Student Assessment for Germany, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research founded the capital investment program ‘Future Education and Care’ as a federal measure to support the expansion of all-day schooling in Germany. During this process it became obvious that learning and teaching in all-day schools had to take place within new time structures.
Learning as Boundary-crossing in School–University Partnership
The study involved collective knowledge generation between school-university partnerships, as university tutors, mentor teachers engaged in a new mediating lesson plan study. The study showed resolving contradictions in the school- university zone, and helped student-teachers learned to teach from all educators.
Teachers Resilience: A Necessary Condition for Effectiveness
The article explore resiliency in teachers effectiveness. A four years research case study is reported on three teachers. The interaction between teachers’ sense of efficacy, professional and personal identities, and their management of the interaction between these and the professional situated and personal Scenarios which they experience in each professional life phase, determined the resiliency, quality and retention.
June 2008
All Recent Items
Multiculturalism & Diversity

Participatory Action Research: Collective Reflections on Gender, Culture, and Language
Preservice Teachers’ Culturally Responsive Teaching Self-efficacy and |Outcome Expectancy Beliefs
Pupils’ Attitudes Towards Foreign-language Learning and the Development of Literacy Skills in Bilingual Education

Professional Development

Identifying the Types of Student and Teacher Behaviours Associated with Teacher Stress
Restructuring a Traditional Student Teacher Supervision Model: Fostering Enhanced Professional Development and Mementoring Within a Professional Development School Context
Supporting Novice Elementary Mathematics Teachers’ Induction in Professional Communities and Providing Innovative Forms of Pedagogical Content Knowledge Development Through Information and Communication Technology
Teachers’ Perspectives on Mathematics Education Research Reports

TE & Instruction

Layers and Links: Learning to Juggle ‘One More Thing’ in the Classroom
Learning in All-day Schools: Results of a New Teaching Time Model
Appropriating Roles and Relations of Power in Collaborative Learning
Adolescent Literacy : Putting the Crisis in Context
Teaching Disciplinary Literacy to Adolescents : Rethinking Content-Area Literacy
Cognitive Strategy Instruction for Adolescents : What We Know about the Promise, What We Don’t Know about the Potential
Small-group Problem-based Learning as a Complex Adaptive System
The Complex World of Adolescent Literacy : Myths, Motivations, and Mysteries
Implementing a Structured Reading Program in an Afterschool Setting : Problems and Potential Solutions
State Literacy Plans : Incorporating Adolescent Literacy

Research Methods

Fitting the Methodology with the Research: An exploration of narrative, self-study and auto-ethnography
Using Poetic Representation to Support the Development of Teachers' Knowledge
Balancing Acts: Negotiating authenticity and authority in shared reflection
Learning from Reciprocal Peer Observation: A collaborative self-study
Making Space for the Imagination: Observations for tutors engaged in self-study
Levels of Reflection in Action Research. An Overview and an Assessment Tool
The Process of Finding a Shape: Stabilizing New Research Structures in Swedish Teacher Education, 2000-2007
Research Engagement in English Language Teaching
Story Constellations: A Narrative Approach to Contextualizing Teachers’ Knowledge of School Reform
Teachers’ Conceptions of Teacher-research and Self-perceptions as Enquiring Practitioners—A Longitudinal Case Study
Beyond Writing Next : A Discussion of Writing Research and Instructional Uncertainty

Mentoring & Supervision

Experiencing and Evidencing Learning Through Self-study: New Ways of Working with Mentors and Trainees in a Training School Partnership
Mentoring—A New Mantra for Education?
The Perceived Significance of the Supervisor, the Assistant, and Parents for Career Development of Beginning Kindergarten Teachers

TE Programs

Learning as Boundary-crossing in School–University Partnership
Making Global Connections: The Knowledge, Understanding and Motivation of Trainee Teachers
Pupil Guidance: An Integral Part of Teacher Education and Development in Scotland?
Teachers “In the Making”: Building Accounts of Teaching

Preservice Students

Preservice Teacher Inquiry: Creating a Space to Dialogue about Becoming a Social Justice Educator
Studying Learning Processes of Student Teachers with Stimulated Recall Interviews Through Changes in Interactive Cognitions
Teacher Candidate Narratives about Extreme Social Events: Implications for Teacher Education

Beginning Teachers

How Young Teachers Experience their Professional Work in Chile?
Longitudinal Research on Beginning Teacher Development: Complexity as a Challenge to Concerns-based Stage Theory
Sustaining and Retaining Beginning Special Educators: It Takes a Village

Teaching Assessment

Portfolio Appraisal: In Search of Criteria
Assessing pre-service teachers' dispositions: A critical dimension of professional preparation

Technology & Computers

Voices in Videoconferencing: Technology Integration in Teacher Education Courses
Using Distance Technology to Sustain Teacher Education for Student Teachers in Isolated Areas: The Technology Supported Induction Network
Integrating Technology during Student Teaching: An Examination of Teacher Work Samples
ICT Teacher Training: Evaluation of the Curriculum and Training Approach in Flanders
Linking Technology, Learning, and Stories: Implications from Research on Hypermedia Video-cases
From Symbols to Numbers: The Shifting Technologies of Education Governance

Theories & Approaches

Unpacking Autonomy and Control in Education: some conceptual and normative groundwork for a comparative analysis
Teaching and Reconsidering the Social Foundations of Education: A self-study
Teacher's Myers-Briggs Personality Profiles: Identifying Effective Teacher Personality Traits
Teachers Resilience: A Necessary Condition for Effectiveness
Teachers’ Perspectives on Innovations: Implications for Educational Design

TE - General Trends

Teacher Preparation in a Post-Totalitarian Society: An Interpretation of Ukrainian Teacher Educators' Stereotypes
Redefining Content-Area Literacy Teacher Education : Finding My Voice through Collaboration
Service Learning and Literacy Tutoring: Academic Impact on Pre-service Teachers
Teacher Education, Graduates’ Teaching Commitment and Entrance into the Teaching Profession

June 2008
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