Mar. 19, 2020
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Despite the global Corona virus crisis, we are sending you our newsletter with some of the latest articles published in academic journals focusing on teacher education, pedagogy and instruction.

The global situation has put us in isolation and forced us to embrace the digital world – let us make good use of it and continue our professional development!
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MOFET International is also pleased to invite you to attend our upcoming online seminar: "EdTech's Impact on Education: A retrospective review of a generation of technology in education”.
This online seminar will examine what has, and what hasn’t, changed in education through the use of computers in the classroom.
It will present a critical perspective on the ways they are presently being used, while also pointing to where there are still rays of hope for real educational change.
This four session seminar will be held online in May, 2020. Get more information and register here.

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