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November 11, 2008 International Portal of Teacher Education
November 2008
Featured Items
The Reading Habits and Literacy Attitudes of Inservice and Prospective Teachers : Results of a Questionnaire Survey
The article examined a survey of 747 students, regarding literacy habits of teachers or prospective teacher. Findings suggest high literacy, the ability to read out, but no interest in personal reading.
Technologically-Based Mentoring Provided to Teachers: A Synthesis of the Literature
Technology mediated coaching or mentoring has a strong possibility of overcoming barriers of accessibility of onsite mentoring. The article explored peer reviewed empirical studies on technology-mediated mentoring for inservice teachers. Three mediums for technology-based mentoring were explored: technology-enhanced professional development coupled with access to a mentor, electronic mail, and online discussion forums. Those who accessed the resource reported shifts in their attitudes towards instruction and changes in instructional practices.
What Research Tells Us about Teaching Thinking Skills
This summary identifies various types of thinking skills and skill components recommended for classroom instruction. The author describes and cites research-derived features of effective, direct instruction in thinking skills and describes a framework for this instruction. He also describes researcher-and specialist-recommended teaching techniques and lesson strategies for introducing any thinking skill, guiding continuing skill practice, and teaching students to transfer thinking skills to other contexts. The research cited here suggests both students' academic achievement and their quality of thinking can be improved by using these techniques and strategies to teach thinking skills in subject-matter courses.
Silent Pedagogy and Rethinking Classroom Practice: Structuring Teaching through Silence rather than Talk
The article considers the value placed on talk as opposed to silence in the classroom and suggests that a cultural bias towards talk means that silence is commonly perceived negatively. It concludes by proposing that classroom observations should take into account the complex skills of 'silent pedagogy' where the teacher makes conscious decisions to abstain from intervention based on continuous sensitive readings of the learning environment.
Assessing Students for Online Learning
Research suggests that at least half of all students enrolled in online courses are not course completers. Obviously, increasing the percentage of program completers in the distance learning environment is essential. This article details a proven and comprehensive system to achieve this objective, using the authors' experiences at Purdue University Calumet in Hammond, Indiana, as a framework.
Defining Tools for a New Learning Space: Writing and Reading Class Blogs
This article uses specific issues surrounding course blogging to provide a series of reflections regarding the articulation between pedagogy and technology in creating a next generation learning space and discourse community. It investigates the underlying structure and necessary constituent elements of a successful blog assignment.It suggests that blog assignments may not succeed equally well in all subject areas and gives a number of possible reasons.
November 2008
All Recent Items
Multiculturalism & Diversity

Linguistically Responsive Teacher Education Preparing Classroom Teachers to Teach English Language Learners
Fostering Critical Engagement in Preservice Teachers: Incorporating Weblogs Into Multicultural Education

Professional Development

An Exploratory Study of Digital Video Editing as a Tool for Teacher Preparation
Extending Content-Focused Professional Development through Online Communities of Practice
Professional Development for Information Communication Technology Integration: Identifying and Supporting a Community of Practice through Design-Based Research
An Exploration of Online Environments Supporting Follow-Up to Face-to-Face Professional Development
Expanding the instructional triangle: conceptualizing mathematics teacher development

TE & Instruction

Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching and the Mathematical Quality of Instruction: An Exploratory Study
Silent Pedagogy and Rethinking Classroom Practice: Structuring Teaching through Silence rather than Talk
Simulation and the Need for Practice in Teacher Preparation
Using Student Response Systems in Lecture-Based Instruction: Does It Change Student Engagement and Learning?
'Can Anyone Offer any Words of Encouragement?” Online Dialogue as a Support Mechanism for Preservice Teachers
What Research Tells Us about Teaching Thinking Skills

Mentoring & Supervision

Technologically-Based Mentoring Provided to Teachers: A Synthesis of the Literature
Factors That Influence Mentor and Teacher Interactions During Technology Integration Collaborative Apprenticeships

Teacher Educators

The Teacher Educator's Role in Enhancing Teacher Quality

Preservice Students

Teacher Educators’ Beliefs and Technology Uses as Predictors of Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs and Technology Attitudes
The Development of Preservice Elementary Teachers' Curricular Role Identity for Science Teaching

Beginning Teachers

The Reading Habits and Literacy Attitudes of Inservice and Prospective Teachers : Results of a Questionnaire Survey
Providing Effective Mentoring for Alternate Rout Beginning Teachers
Preservice Teachers' Perceptions of Characteristics of an Effective Teacher as a Function of Discipline Orientation: A Mixed Methods Investigation

Teaching Assessment

Building Effectiveness in Teaching through Targeted Evaluation and Response: Connecting Evaluation to Teaching Improvement in Higher Education
Was That a Result of My Teaching? A Brief Exploration of Value-Added Assessment
Assessing Students for Online Learning
Development of a performance assessment task and rubric to measure prospective secondary school mathematics teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge and skills

Technology & Computers

Acquiring Knowledge from Asynchronous Discussion
Effectiveness of Personal Interaction in a Learner-Centered Paradigm Distance Education Class Based on Student Satisfaction
Learning with Laptops: Implementation and Outcomes in an Urban, Under-Privileged School
Exploring Two Teacher Education Online Learning Designs: A Classroom of One or Many?
Investigating Student Attitudes Toward a Synchronous, Online Graduate Course in a Multi-User Virtual Learning Environment
Making a Choice: The Perceptions and Attitudes of Online Graduate Students
Interaction in Online Courses for Teacher Education: Subject Matter and Pedagogy
Defining Tools for a New Learning Space: Writing and Reading Class Blogs
Learning from Teachers' Conceptions of Technology Integration: What Do Blogs, Instant Messages, and 3D Chat Rooms Have to Do with It?
Teachers’ Views on Factors Affecting Effective Integration of Information Technology in the Classroom: Developmental Scenery
Perceptions of Graduate Students on the Use of Web-based Instruction in Special Education Personnel Preparation

Theories & Approaches

Between Constructivism and Connectedness

TE - General Trends

Research on Globalization and Education
Adding Value to Public Schools: Investigating Teacher Education, Teaching, and Pupil Learning
Determining the Impact of Online Practicum Facilitation for Inservice Teachers
Troops to Teachers: Future Implications for Teacher Educators

November 2008
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