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October 19, 2010 International Portal of Teacher Education
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October 2010
Featured Items
The Influence of Trust in Principals’ Mentoring Experiences across Different Career Phases
This study examined the primary school principals’ perceptions of ‘trust’ in their mentoring experiences at different career phases. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were used in the study. The Primary School Principals’ Mentoring Questionnaire previously developed by the researchers was applied to 1462 primary school principals in Istanbul. As a follow-up study, focus groups were carried out with 50 school administrators at various career phases. Results of the study showed that in different career phases, trust played a crucial role in maintaining the collegiality in the principals’ mentoring experiences.
The University's Role in Preparing Teachers for Urban Schools
This article describes a university-school partnership which was formed to develop a community-based model (CBM) of teacher preparation that placed pre-service teachers in urban schools for a full year. The authors wished to explore the sustainability of the CBM of teacher preparation. Data were collected through surveying faculty and both pre-service and new teachers who graduated from the CBM-based teacher preparation program. The article considers the common concerns and disparate roles that the three groups considered paramount in preparing new teachers for urban schools.
Teachers’ Pedagogical Reasoning and Action in the Digital Age
This article examines how pedagogical reasoning and action might occur in the digital age, comparing Schulman’s model with the reality for a small sample of digitally able beginning teachers as part of the emerging generation of teachers. The conclusion drawn is that while the pedagogical reasoning and action model remains relevant, it was based on an assumption that teaching involves knowledge being passed from a teacher to their students, which was found to restrict innovation by digitally able teachers. Furthermore, the teachers in the study could have benefited from experiencing the implementation of a edagogical reasoning and action model that was aligned with ideas about knowledge, teaching and learning in the digital age.
Our Teachers Want To Be the Best: On the Necessity of Intra-Professional Reflection about Moral Ideals of Teaching
Teaching is a significant social good and therefore teachers as well as the state have to take responsibility for guarding the moral quality of the teaching practice. Based on this premise, the article describes and defends the view that these parties have their own particular role by means of literature review and theoretical and practical arguments. The authors’ first claim is that the role of the state is necessarily limited to articulating the minimal moral rules and obligations. The authors’ second claim is that teachers have to take responsibility for defining the optimal dimension of their professional morality. The article ends with some practical implications of the theoretical exposé.
Masks as Self-study. Challenging and Sustaining Teachers’ Personal and Professional Personae in Early–mid Career Life Phases
The article illuminates three early–mid career teachers’ self-study inquiries, focusing on mask work. Through mask inquiries, the teachers constructed, deconstructed and disclosed to themselves narratives of personal/professional identity. Subsequent improvisation with their masks is shown to engage teachers emotionally with tensions and dissonances within and between their various personae and personal, professional and political contexts at each of their respective career life phases.
Beginning Teachers’ Job Experiences in Multi-ethnic Schools
This paper reports on an exploratory study of beginning teachers’ experiences in one secondary multi-ethnic school in Flanders. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with six beginning teachers and two mentors. The authors concluded that the structural and cultural working conditions as well as the personal belief systems of the teachers were essential to understand the actual impact of the multi-ethnic character of the school on new teachers’ job experiences. Due to the mediating role of these factors, beginning teachers do not consider the multi-cultural character of their working environment as problematic as such.
October 2010
All Recent Items
Professional Development
Enhancing Professionalism? Teachers' Voices on Continuing Professional Development in Scotland

TE & Instruction

Discipline Problems at Teachers' Colleges: Lessons for Lecturers and Students
Promoting Student Teachers' Lesson Analysis and Observation Skills by Using Gagn's Model of an Instructional Unit
Using Microteaching to Enhance Teacher Efficacy in Pre-service Teachers
The University's Role in Preparing Teachers for Urban Schools
Preparing Preservice English Teachers and School Counselor Interns for Future Collaboration
Organic Collaboration: Sustaining Teachers and Teacher Educators in the Cottage Industry of Curriculum Making

Research Methods

The Split-Off Narrator: Coming to Symptoms in Stories of Learning to Teach
Masks as Self-study. Challenging and Sustaining Teachers’ Personal and Professional Personae in Early–mid Career Life Phases

Mentoring & Supervision

The Influence of Trust in Principals’ Mentoring Experiences across Different Career Phases
Preparing Future Principals: Facilitating the Development of a Mentoring Mindset through Graduate Coursework
Mentoring Nontraditional Undergraduate Students: A Case Study in Higher Education

TE Programs

Impoverishing Experience: The Problem of Teacher Education in England
Closing the Gap between the Theory and Practice of Teaching: Implications for Teacher Education Programmes in Hong Kong

Preservice Students

Discipline Orientations of Pre-service Teachers Before and After Student Teaching

Beginning Teachers

Beginning Teachers’ Job Experiences in Multi-ethnic Schools

Technology & Computers

Technological Constraints and Implementation Barriers of Using Videoconferencing for Virtual Teaching in New Zealand Secondary Schools
Virtual Schooling Standards and Best Practices for Teacher Education
Field Experience in Virtual Schools—To Be There Virtually
Continuing Change in a Virtual World: Training and Recruiting Instructors
Do Digital Divisions Still Persist in Schools? Access to Technology and Technical Skills of Teachers in High Needs Schools in the United States of America
The Status of Professional Development for K-12 Online Teachers: Insights and Implications
Virtual Voices: Online Teachers' Perceptions of Online Teaching Standards
Teachers’ Pedagogical Reasoning and Action in the Digital Age

Theories & Approaches

A Freirean Critique of the Competence Model of Teacher Education, Focusing on the Standards for Qualified Teacher Status in England
Stability in Motivation during Teacher Education
Teacher Education as Identity Construction: Insights from Action Research
Varying Perspectives and Practices in Formative and Diagnostic Assessment: A Case Study
Language, Culture and Dissonance: A Study Course for Globally Minded Teachers with Possibilities for Catalytic Transformation
Developing a Policy for an International Experience Requirement in a Graduate Teacher Education Program: A Cautionary Tale
Our Teachers Want To Be the Best: On the Necessity of Intra-Professional Reflection about Moral Ideals of Teaching

TE - General Trends

International Education in Higher Education: A Developing Process of Engagement in Teacher Preparation Programs
Calling for Action within the Teaching Profession: It Is Time to Internationalize Teacher Education
Broadening Our Sights: Internationalizing Teacher Education for A Global Arena
International Teacher Professional Development: Teacher Reflections of Authentic Teaching and Learning Experiences
Globalization and the Preparation of Quality Teachers: Rethinking Knowledge Domains for Teaching
Fact or Fiction? Analyzing Institutional Barriers and Individual Responsibility to Advance the Internationalization of Teacher Education
October 2010
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