Competing Priorities in Professional Development: An Australian Study of Teacher Professional Development Policy and Practice

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Professional Development
Nov. 20, 2008

Source: Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, Volume 36, Issue 4, (November 2008) pages 277 - 290

This article claims that neoliberal and managerial pressures external to the teaching profession, as well as more progressive and democratic approaches internal to the profession, have simultaneously influenced professional development policy and practice in Australia.
In making this case, the article reviews the nature of the teacher professional development that is supported in federal Australian policies associated with the recently defeated Liberal/National Coalition government (1996-2007). It also explores how professional development has been enacted in practice in Australia during this government's tenure. While acknowledging the significant impact of more neoliberal and managerial approaches and how such policy emphases contribute to the continuation of traditional, systemic/employer provided workshops, the article also provides evidence of competing, more teacher-centered approaches.

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